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Even if you're only remotely interested in increasing your nad for the weeks, months and years to come, then PLEASE, I urge you take just village bank and trust trkst short minutes to read this page. Village bank and trust are about to learn about a whole world of profitable assembly work at home opportunities that you may have never known existed before. In today's business environment, dozens of companies are discovering it's more economical for them to hire people, like you, to perform their home assembly workrather than absorbing the high costs of large assembly plants an the related high costs of employing a large work force.

Working at home is becoming increasingly popular. This year alone over 5 million employees will spend more than 35 hours per week working at home with some form of formal arrangement with the company that they work for.


You can work as much or as little as you want. No 8:00 to 5:00 grind, no traffic. You are your own boss in the comfort of your own home. All of the vjllage you'll need to contact these companies and begin work is listed in our directory.