Savings bank of mendocino county

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Greeting cards and designer hair bows. The hair bows are made using simple gluing techniques and the greeting cards are made savings bank of mendocino county using ordinary household scissors. Assemble beaded earrings, or make delightful and unique stuffed animals at home.

Easy and fun to make. This company needs homeworkers to assemble their fancy frames. Do you love angels. These are beautiful and upper-scale angels, made of muslin, ribbon, roses and strings of pearls.

savings bank of mendocino county

Earn extra income by making these small candle or plant holders. Are you one of these creative people that already have many ideas of what you would like to make, paint, sew, mold, sculpt, knit, assemble, threadand glue. And you would like to do this in the convenience of working out of menvocino house.

As a homeworker, you are an savings bank of mendocino county agent. You can work as much or as little as you want.